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28 ) - "Unusual / Rare in this condition" "Ovanlig / Sällsynt i detta skick"

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  1. "Rare / Unusual in this condition" .    "Ovanlig / Sällsynt i detta skick".Click here for large picture

    "Rare / Unusual in this condition" . "Ovanlig / Sällsynt i detta skick".

    All records in our web shop are selected and hand picked in good condition ! -Mainly in VG+, M- or M condition.......................... Our VG+ is a superb condition that definitely meets the demands of most collectors! Also when you, like The Golden Oldies Shop, have been dealing professionally in used, second hand vinyl records for 40 years (Forty years in 2017) and thus have been handling 100.000's of used singles, EP's and LP's over the years, you get a very qualified and unmatched knowledge of 1) How often a certain record appears on the market and 2) How often it appears in a certain condition. -Some record titles you see are almost always in inferior condition. -Of some titles you can see many many copies and only one or two of them are in the great VG+ condition or better! To emphasize this phenomenon we state "Unusual or Rare in this condition", as an helpful information to new collectors who are not yet aware of this fact, on the records that this applies.



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