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Shipping & Delivery
             Your order will be shipped from us within 3 to 5 days after the order and payment is received.
We deliver the mail orders via the official Swedish Post Office.
Unfortunately we can not affect the time it takes for the package to reach you after mailed by us.
If you live close to the physical shop at S:t Eriksgatan 96 in Stockholm, you can choose to pick up your items at the store.
All orders exceeding 700 SEK will be sent as Registered mail, which means that the post office will charge an extra 70 SEK.
There is no exception from this safity rule, for yours and our security.
 1 - 3   7" Singles or EP's   =  26:- inom Sverige              55 SEK outside Sweden          Maximum    250 gram
 4 - 7   7" Singles or EP's   =  39:- inom Sverige              85 SEK outside Sweden          Maximum    500 gram
8 -16   7" Singles or EP's   =  52:- inom Sverige            160 SEK outside Sweden         Maximum  1000 gram
        1    12" LP      =    52:- inom Sverige              98 SEK outside Sweden                       Maximum    500 gram
   2 - 3    12" LP's   =   65:- inom Sverige            173 SEK outside Sweden                       Maximum  1000 gram
    4 - 7   12" LP's   =   78:- inom Sverige             244 SEK outside Sweden                      Maximum   2000 gram
  8 - 11   12" LP's  =  140:- inom Sverige             450 SEK outside Sweden                      Maximum      3 kg
12 - 14  12" LP's  =  167:- inom Sverige             550 SEK outside Sweden                      Maximum      4 kg
15 - 17   12" LP's  =  167:- inom Sverige            650 SEK outside Sweden                      Maximum       5 kg
Plus 70:- tillägg för Rekommenderad försändelse för order över 700:-, för er och vår säkerhet.
Plus 70 SEK extra for Registered Mail on all orders over 700 SEK, for yours and our security.
Privacy & Security
        All data collected by the store will only be used by The Golden Oldies Shop.      
        We will not handle or sell any information to a 3rd party.
Returns & Replacements
              All records sold by The Golden Oldies Shop are used secondhand records.
              The records and covers have been carefully inspected and graded individually.
              The records are test-played when graded and the usual international condition-gradings are used.
Generally, when dealing with second-hand or used goods, there is no particular returning policy.
However if there has been a serious mistake in the description of a record, we will of course do what we
can to sort things out, to make you satisfied with our services.
All orders should go trough this site.
Unless you plan to pick up the goods yourself, you can't place an order in any other way.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
We provide payments with VISA/MasterCard through Payex, and PayPal payments trough PayPal.
Viewing Orders
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