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Condition gradings

Since 1977 The Golden Oldies Shop uses the original international condition gradings that was established in 1948 by the American "Record Changer Magazine". This grading system was adopted by the US "Goldmine Magazine" in the 70's and are today used world wide. The original condition grade VG+ has, for reasons unknown, in the later years been exchanged to EX by the British "Record Collector" Magazine. To make the gradings clearer to new beginners of record collecting, not familiar to the original condition gradings from 1948, we have decided to state VG+ = EX

The condition gradings we use are as follows:
M, M-, VG+ = EX, VG, VG-, G, F, P

VG(+) and VG(-) could be used to define a very strong VG or a very strong VG-.

Where there are 2 gradings, the 1:st grading is for the record and the 2:nd is for the cover.

All records have been played when graded.
All records are cleaned, when necessary.
All LP's are in Stereo, unlesss Mono stated.
Foldout = Foldout/Gatefold record-cover.
Orig. Inner-sleeve = Special inner-sleeve with information-text or photos etc.

The following international abbreviations are used for addtional information about the records:

co = Cut Out (a cut mark on the LP-cover or cut corner, or drill hole on the cover or record to indicate a sale record.
ct = Cover Tear (Damage on cover by e.g. a removed sticker or so).
lt = Label Tear (Damage on the record label).
nc = No Centre (The removable centre on a (European) single or EP has been punched out).
sol = Sticker On Label
sos / soc = Sticker On Sleeve / Sticker On Cover
sobs / sobc = Sticker on Back of Dleeve / Sticker on Back of Cover.
swdnap = Slightly Warped,Does Not Affect Play.
wol = Writing On Label
wos / woc = Writing On Sleeve / Writing On Cover.
wobs /wobc = Writing On Back of Sleeve / Writing On Back of Cover.